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PG Hats

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Finally your horse has a choice besides clear (boring) hoof dressing! Pony Glam's inaugural product is Hoof Hi-Lites, a healthy and colored hoof dressing that moisturizes and conditions while adding the perfect amount of GLAM!

Also be sure to check out Pony Glam's sassy t-shirts, hats and show bows - ALL are guaranteed to turn heads! Click the images below to learn more about these fun products! All the cool kids are doing it!


PG Hats

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PG Hats


Rep PG in our new 2015 PG Hats! Charcoal colored baseball hat with THREE different color logo choices: PINK, LAVENDER and TEAL! Says on the back! Soft, cotton, broken in.  Women's size, but fully adjustable in the back so it fits most everyone, even small children! GET YOURS WHILE THEY LAST!

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