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Charlotte North Carolina


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The Most Spooky Pony Wins!

Chloe & Andrea

Chloe got published in The Carolinas Equestrian Newsletter again! Click below to see her entire blog about Halloween Costume Contests! 

Here is an excerpt: 

It is THAT time of year again at the show-grounds. Prepare yourselves for the much-anticipated Halloween costume class! It is the one time a year that the green ponies have an excuse to forego fashionable good taste and dress up in rather interesting ensembles. Here are a few costumes that I guarantee you will see in the arena and of course a bit of my commentary to go with:

The Witch Pony. Every barn has a Witch Pony … year round! This pony will parade around the ring in a black cape until a gust of chilly October air blows the cape Superman-style, “spooking” the Witch Pony and sending the child splat. Afterwards, take a look at the green (painted) face of the Witch Pony and you will notice its mouth curl in a slight smirk. Personally, I am not a fan of this costume. The only time I want my face green is after I have stuffed it with freshly-mowed grass. Or rolled in $100 bills, again. 

Bunny Pony. Do not be fooled. This is just a ploy to get more carrots. This is probably the smartest pony in the costume class. Even I might be willing to wear white ears and a fluffy tail if it meant I got to walk around eating carrots for an entire 15 minutes while a 5lb child sat on me. Well played, Bunny Pon Pon, well played.

Read more below:

The Carolinas Equestrian Newsletter- The Most Spooky Pony Wins! by Chloe