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Charlotte North Carolina


Pony Glam is dedicated to revealing the inner fashionista in every pony and rider!

Ponies and Parlantis Love!

Chloe & Andrea

Ponyglam was honored to be mentioned  as a favorite product of Ponies and Parlantis, a new blogging site founded by young equestrians on the A circuit. Blog founder, Isabella Anderson, gave Hoof Hi-Lites a glowing review, saying …"not only is this unique dressing the perfect balance of subtle and sparkle, it's also great for your pampered horses hooves. My mare generally has dry feet, so with farrier treatments and Hoof HiLites, my worries are put to rest knowing her feet are happy and healthy!The review can be read in its entirety by clicking on the link below!

Click here to read our review by Ponies and Parlantis!