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The Original Horse Box

Chloe's Chatter

The Original Horse Box

Chloe & Andrea

Chloe knocking everyone over to get to her AHB

Recently I nabbed Andrea's AmEx from her back pocket and signed up for A Horse Box - the FIRST subscription service for all things horse! It was so easy and quick that even a mere pony could do it! Not to mention that with plans that start as low as $17 (+ shipping), it is super affordable! For those of you who have been on stall rest for the last TWO years, A Horse Box ("AHB") is a  subscription service where you recieve between 4 and 6 equestrian products to sample each month

One of the great things about AHB is that it is the FIRST of its kind, and therefore, all the bumps that come with starting a new concept have been smoothed out and their process is seamless. You are guaranteed to get quality products that have been carefully chosen, vetted and tested by the staff at AHB. With the many various horse products out there, this is a great way to learn about new brands, try different products and to test what may or may not work for you before you buy a full-sized item. The sample sizes fit easily in your show trunk or grooming tote, which makes them perfect to take on your excursions to the shows, clinics or mares' weekend getaways.  After your initial sign-up, the boxes ship every month on the 15th automatically. No lag time and no worrying about whether your box will ever ship.  What fun would that be? Also, if you have any questions, the staff at AHB is very fast to answer you. Expect a reply the same day!

About two weeks after ordering online, I got my first box in the mail! It was like Christmas! Not knowing what goodies awaited me was half the fun! I could barely contain myself as my minions opened the box. Let's take a look at what I got in my boxes:



My first box (February) breakdown:   Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care spray. This actually was amazing timing for me, as I had a slight irritation from wet grass on my anklet - my only white marking, which tends to be sensitive at times. A few days of this spray and the red area was gone. I was back to being the #1 Hoof Hi-Lites model! Omega Alpha Chill Ultra Paste - oral syringe. Andrea's irritation about me borrowing her credit card evaporated when she saw this goodie. Chill Ultra helps to calm "excitable" horses. The B1 and Magnesium in this paste help to relax those tense muscles, helping horses to chill out and stay focused.  Who is she going to use this on??? I have no clue, but she did quickly pack it in her show trunk. Cavalor Fiber Force - Digestive Control. This high-fiber, low-starch feed is designed for horses with gastrointestinal issues. The sample size makes it ideal for an overnight trip where a new environment and change in routine may lead to some tummy issues. It also works well if you steal a carton of Chick-fil-a nuggets (don't judge).  Cavalor Sweeties - horse treat tidbits. Noms for your horse. I ate all of mine in one breath but there were about 20 in there. 




My second (March) box breakdown:  Bigeloil Quilted Poultice Hoof Pads. These hoof pads are so easy that even Andrea can apply them. All you need is a little water for activation and some duct tape to keep the pad in place.  The pads have multiple little pockets containing an Epsom salt and Kaolin clay poultice mixture so that the poultice stays on the hoof. This means easy wrapping, zero waste and no residue cleanup! Cavalor Star Shine - Mane & tail spray. This spray promises a reduction by 50% of needed hair care and an end to excessive tail tearing, a must-have product for those of us that like to shake our tail feathers. Minion Morgan will be happy to see this one - she is in charge of my tail. Stay tuned for a full report from her on this!! Hay, Where's That Blue Stuff? Got fungus, rain rot or scratches? Well, then you are gross!!! Give me your address and I will send you this blue stuff - you need it more than I do! Actually, I take that back. It can also be used on insect bites and I have an ongoing battle with some fire ants, so I better keep this one!  Mane Street Bakery Gourmet Treats- Peppermint Biscotti.  Does your owner "sample" your treats too? I can't really blame Andrea for this one though - look how nomtastic these look!! Chunks of peppermint rolled into these oat biscuits almost make me want to be good in Andrea's lessons. Almost. Alpha-Omega Gastra-FX Ultra. Perfect for a tummy that is irritated (maybe after large consumptions of nuggets?). Sample size is perfect to bring to the show or share with your friends. 

Clearly, as you can see, there are definitely great items in these boxes. And for only $17 (+ shipping)!! Andrea spends that much per week at Starbucks so there is absolutely no reason she cannot sign me up for an ongoing subscription! If you still need convincing, think of it like this: The market retail price for the Chill Ultra paste (in my February box) and the Gastra-FX paste (in my March box)  is $20 EACH! Therefore, ONE tube of paste retails for more than you paid for the ENTIRE box! WINNING!!!

The only bad thing about AHB so far is that once your friends know you are an AHB customer (and they will because you won't be able to contain yourself), they start "dropping by" your stall every month on the 16th. Bella says it is to just "catch up on Dance Moms," but I know her. She can smell a new treat from a mile away. Her girth size proves it.

So, if you want to join in on the subscription box fun, or if you are looking for an awesome gift for your horse friend and want to be considered the BEST FRIEND EVER (seriously, how fun would it be to get AHB out of the blue?), register at! What are you waiting for? Giddy-up!

Note from Andrea: Social media is amazing because it gives small businesses a voice. It also makes it easier for others to copy our ideas - ideas that we have put a lot of time, money and heart into. Please continue to support your small business, especially those of us that were the first of our kind. It is easy to support A Horse Box because it truly is a fantastic company that has really hit its stride since originating the equestrian subscription service two years ago.  Alex, the owner of AHB, is also a class act. Not only is she clearly a sharp businesswoman, but I can personally tell you that she is one of those people you meet in life that you think to yourself: "Is she really this nice?" Well, after corresponding with her for about a year, I can tell you "yes, yes she is". This rare admission from me should NOT discredit Chloe's blog above. I may be biased, sure, but you can see the breakdowns above - clearly Chloe got the better end of the deal! What's new? That horse is SO spoiled!