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Charlotte North Carolina

Sedgefield Showgrounds: Wait, I have to do this again on Sunday?

Chloe's Chatter

Sedgefield Showgrounds: Wait, I have to do this again on Sunday?

Chloe & Andrea

So they finally took me on one of those "weekend trips" a few weekends ago. Warning: These "weekend trips" are not trips to the spa like I was falsely lead to believe!  Things started off fine, with a short two hour trip in the trailer with a gigantic haynet of my favorite alfalfa. I should have known right then that something was up because Andrea loves to bribe me with alfalfa. I arrived at Sedgefield Showgrounds in Greensboro, NC on Friday afternoon. Clearly they were not expecting me until Saturday because as I got off the trailer I noticed that the show continued to go on. Lucky for Andrea my stall was already equipped with about 25 bags of shavings (I can always count on AC; she is so much more enjoyable now that she doesn't ride me), about a bale of hay, my favorite Himalayan salt block (you know you have licked one, don't deny it) and my traveling box fan. Maybe I am at the spa after all, I thought.

That's when I saw them setting up the tack stall.  And then I saw Chase and Copper. And then I saw Andrea looking a bit green in the face and I knew. I knew they had duped me into going to a show. Well, I figured two could play that game.  So later in the day, when Andrea took me for a schooling ride around the show grounds, I was an angel. I even yawned 10 times for extra effect. I jumped around the big jumps like they were nothing. I went and hacked in almost all of the 5 rings without a care in the world. Everyone was so excited about what a pro I was, that I almost felt bad for them. Almost. Saturday morning came and I slept through my lunging. Andrea looked an interesting shade of lime green, which did not match her Le Fash polo shirt very well.

Everyone waited around for hours for my first class. Meanwhile, pony Chase was a star in the Short Stirrup ring, with my minion Ellie on board. And Copper and Katy beat 15 or so riders in the equitation class. Meanwhile, I leisurely relaxed on my bed of shavings.  Finally it was time to school, where I again fooled them into thinking I was a packer. My first class was 2'9" Power and Speed. PUH-lease. I can jump backwards over these speedbumps. Andddd, I went so fast in my first class that one could easily argue that I did in fact jump backwards, you just could not see me I was such a blur.  Despite a 2nd place ribbon, Andrea was not happy. AC tightened my figure-eight nose band. And Lexi (Andrea's bestie and my personal favorite groom and assistant) gave me the "I am so disappointed in you" face.  Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have retaliated like this. I did kind of recall that it is easier to just be a good horse and plus, ever since Lexi popped out her baby, her "I am so disappointed in you" face is 10 times worse to endure. Only Zach seemed to be on my side when he walked over with the camera dangling, "That was good, right?"  Six pairs of cold, deadly eyes and a lipcurl from me (I couldn't help it) were enough to silence him for the rest of the afternoon.

So for the higher classes I decided to be good and Andrea relaxed. We ended up the first day with a few reds and even a blue. Everyone was happy. The Minions even came back to my stall after dinner to have a dance party, where I promptly ignored their presence, even though I was secretly loving it.   Day 2 came around.  Andrea was really green in the face now because AC was making her skip the low schooling division and go straight to the higher classes.  I really don't know why she was worried - it wasn't like she was the one jumping anything. The 4 classes came and went. I was on pretty good behavior, Andrea rode better (not like a spectator, like I heard Lexi describe Day 1's first class) and everyone was thrilled about my first real Jumper show. I got tons of carrots, hand grazing and compliments.  All in all, it wasn't a trip to the spa, but it wasn't that bad either. Plus, it sure was fun to go back to the barn and tell everyone that AC treated me to a weekend at the Ritz. That really riled them up and made for an interesting week of lessons.