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Charlotte North Carolina

Chloe's Chatter

The Most Spooky Pony Wins!

Chloe & Andrea

The blog below was printed in the fabulous The Carolinas Equestrian newsletter! Chloe is a monthly guest blogger! To read the entire newsletter please click HERE!! Support small business!

The Most Spooky Pony Wins! 

It is THAT time of year again at the show-grounds. Prepare yourselves for the much-anticipated Halloween costume class! It is the one time a year that the green ponies have an excuse to forego fashionable good taste and dress up in rather interesting ensembles. Here are a few costumes that I guarantee you will see in the arena and of course a bit of my commentary to go with:

The Witch Pony. Every barn has a Witch Pony ... year round! This pony will parade around the ring in a black cape until a gust of chilly October air blows the cape Superman-style, “spooking” the Witch Pony and sending the child splat. Afterwards, take a look at the green (painted) face of the Witch Pony and you will notice its mouth curl in a slight smirk. Personally, I am not a fan of this costume. The only time I want my face green is after I have stuffed it with freshly-mowed grass. Or rolled in $100 bills, again. 

The Unicorn Pony. This poor pony is just...delusional. Everyone has a friend like the Unicorn Pony. The Unicorn Pony is the one who thinks it can jump out of the round pen or kick a neighboring horse through the stall. If you can’t name the Unicorn Pony in your group of friends, then umm, I am sorry but you are the...

The Pirate Pony. I like the Pirate Pony because it is sarcastic. (Shocker, I know.) The Pirate Pony is playing a joke on you. How you ask? Well, what do pirates do all day? They steal treasure and money. And what happened to your paycheck last month? I rest my case.

Bunny Pony. Do not be fooled. This is just a ploy to get more carrots. This is probably the smartest pony in the costume class. Even I might be willing to wear white ears and a fluffy tail if it meant I got to walk around eating carrots for an entire 15 minutes while a 5lb child sat on me. Well played, Bunny Pon Pon, well played.

Chloe blog..JPG

Vampire Pony.  This costume bites! No, seriously. Look out! This little sucker (see what I did there?) will snap at your neck if you get too close.  You know that pony at your barn that HAS to be put in solo turnout? That one is the Vampire Pony. It’s best to just not make eye contact with the Vampire Pony. Ever.

So good luck to all those dressing up this Halloween costume class. We professionals will be watching from the sidelines...and stealing your candy while you are stuck trying to form a straight line in front of the judge!