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Charlotte North Carolina

Guest Blogger Addison: My First Three Day Show!

Chloe's Chatter

Guest Blogger Addison: My First Three Day Show!

Chloe & Andrea

It was Sunday morning at the Sedgefield Showgrounds in Greensboro, NC and I was pony-less. My pony boyfriend Simon was not feeling 100% and could not show. My awesome PG Minion boss, Andrea, told me that I could catch-ride the glamorous Chloe. THE CHLOE. I was so excited but really nervous at the same time. I was the first PG Minion to actually show her! I wanted to make Andrea and our trainer, AC, proud of me. I also have witnessed some of the Chloe "stories" first hand so that also made me nervous! But during schooling, Chloe was SOOOOO good for me. We practiced going both directions, changing speeds and my sitting trot (ouch, Chloe!). When I looked over to Andrea and AC, they were both crying. I almost started to cry too but Andrea said that they were happy tears!

Then we looked over to the show ring and my Walk-Trot class had already started! AC and Andrea whooshed us into the ring. I couldn't breathe! I had almost missed the entire first class!  When I got into the ring, I arched my back, put my heels down and looked where I wanted to go. Chloe was amazing and was listening to all my cues. She looked especially gorgeous wearing her Sassy Silver Hi-Lites, too. When the judge told us to trot, Chloe trotted without even thinking and she moved GREAT! One time three riders tried to block us into the rail, but Chlo pinned her ears back, I worked her back out to the inside track, and we showed them who was diva boss. When it was finally time to line up for the results, Chloe and I were right in the middle in front of the judge just like AC taught me to do. Chloe looked around at the other nags and was telling them to get out of her bubble. I had to keep pulling her head around straight! Chloe and I got 2nd place out of a packed class in our very first class together!  I was so so proud of us!

 My weekend at Sedgefield was a great first real show for me. It was so fun spending an ENTIRE weekend around my First Call Farm family and horses. I can't wait to do it again but this time with my Simon and maybe even another Chloe catch-ride. She told me she wanted to retire from Jumpers anyway!

xxoo, Addison, PG Minion 4eva