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Charlotte North Carolina

GIMME MORE Charleigh's Cookies!

Chloe's Chatter

GIMME MORE Charleigh's Cookies!

Chloe & Andrea

Everyone knows that I rarely turn down a snack. I have been known to stretch my neck further than any yoga guru has ever seen in order to reach a carrot...or a McDonald's egg and cheese biscuit left carelessly nearby. Okay, that happened ONE time people! SO, when Andrea told me that Charleigh's Cookies was sending me complimentary homemade and organic treats, I was a bit hesitant as I had flashbacks of the time Andrea tried to poison me with her "homemade" natural horse treats  ...YUCK, my lips still ache from all of those lip curls! As Andrea opened the Charleigh's Cookies package and the delicious aroma of oats, barley, corn and sweet molasses filled my dainty nostrils, I knew that Charleigh's Cookies was the real deal.  I  pinned Andrea against the stall door in order to stuff as many in my mouth as possible. (You never know when Pickels is going to be lurking nearby. That nag tries to eat all my snacks.)  Charleigh sent me the XOXO cookies, which is perfect since it goes with my (okay, Andrea's) Pony Glam theme. The XOXO cookies are bite-size, which I really like because Andrea tends to fit more in her hand with one scoop in the jar, which translates into more cookies for me! Charleigh also sent me Southern Swag which contains organic Georgia peaches (nom) and Sweetheart Swag which contains organic cinnamon (nom nom).

For those of you cray cray parents that read the ingredient lists, I have pasted the jar's contents below. As you can see, the cookies are made from "human grade" ingredients and are completely free of sugar,  preservatives and non-nutritious additives. They are 100% organic.  Even old man large pony Simon can eat them until he bursts...and Simon can't eat ANYTHING yummy due to his metabolic syndrome something-or-other. 

For those of you who are good all of the time like me, and get cookies or treats after every ride, Charleigh's Cookies also has a subscription club where a 15lb jar of cookies is automatically shipped directly to your stall each month! It's like Smartpak, but COOKIES! What a great idea for a barn!! If ever there was a time to memorize Andrea's AmEx card number it is right now!!!  Cookies for all! Chloe for President!!! 

When the owner of Charleigh's Cookies was a new mom, she knew she wanted to instill in her daughter the same passion and love she had for horses. Horses had helped shape her life and she wanted to teach her daughter the importance of giving back. (Finally someone that gets me!)  She says about the cookies, "This healthful snack is our way to say thank you to these majestic creatures for allowing us to realize our own inner beauty and greatness."  No, THANK YOU Charleigh's Cookies!  However, since you brought it up, don't you agree that such a majestic creature as myself deserves a dang chandelier in my stall?? If you could just help a horse out and text Andrea...

Please go "like" CC on their Facebook page and tell them Chloe sent you!!!  Click HERE for the link!  SEE MORE PICS BELOW! xo