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Ask Chloe (Almost) Anything

Chloe's Chatter

Ask Chloe (Almost) Anything

Chloe & Andrea

All this rain lately means two fantastic things: 1). Andrea can't ride me after work; and 2). I have time to go through my fan email.  I was a little upset that there were not any homemade treats in the mail, but I was amused by some of the questions I received! Some of you are pretty naughty and need to be round penned!  Without further adieu, here are the PG-rated questions...

Question 1: What is your favorite Hoof Hi-Lites color? 

Chloe: I can tell this question took a lot of thought guys! It is probably a plant from Lexi, worried that I was not going to receive any questions! Anyway, I like all the colors but I think my favorite is probably purple because it is the first color Andrea ever attempted. Plus, everyone knows purple is my color! Gimme Gold and Sassy Silver are definitely up there too because of the intense sparkles. 

Question 2:  Why did Andrea say you do not like shows? You seem like you would enjoy showing off.

Chloe: I do love being the center of attention and it is kind of fun to walk into the arena with my name announced. (HEY, I should have the minions do that at home for me during my lessons!!) I also like treats, and I get a lot of those after I show. Sometimes I am so tired I can't even eat my carrots! All that being said, I would much rather be grazing with my bestie, Pickles, and making fun of the boys than galloping Andrea's fat butt around 7 courses! 

Question 3: What boots do you wear? 

Chloe:  I have been showing in Eskadron Flexi-soft Pro-Safe Memo front and hind boots. I school around at home in Eskadron Gel-Tec boots or just wear my Pony Glam polo wraps! I like my Memos, but they take FOREVER to dry out after they are washed and I do not like them to be wet when they are on my delicate dancer legs.

Question 4: How old you? How old is Andrea? 

Chloe: Rude!!!! Andrea is like 60 or something, but AC is like 100.

Question 5:  Did you get your chandelier for your stall yet?

Chloe: NO! Thanks for reminding me just in time for this week's lesson! They will pay! 

Question 6:  What bit and bridle do you use?

Chloe: I show in a Rodrigo Pessoa Fancy Stitch that everyone thinks is Edgewood. Figure 8 noseband, duh, and running martingale, duh duh! Bit is a Dr. Bristol Gag Snaffle, with slightly raised copper center piece.

Question 7: Why don't you wear shoes. I can tell in your PG pictures you are barefoot. 

Chloe: You are correct; I am barefoot on all 4! It is part of my heroin chic look...just kidding kids! I used to have all 4 shoes when Andrea got me. When she moved me to FCF, I only had my front shoes. All the horses at FCF are barefoot, so soon I was too. I was a little sore the first day, especially walking over rocks (just like it would be for you barefoot), but after those first few days I have never looked back! If you want to learn more about natural trimming, click here:

Thanks everyone for your questions! It was fun!