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Chloe's Chatter

Must Haves This Spring! Gimme Gimme Gimme!

Andrea Wise


Le Fash Tuxedo Shirt with Hunt Coat

The best part of Spring cleaning is that it creates extra room in your closet and barn tack trunk for MORE items! This month I wanted to share with everyone some new items that I have been using frequently so far this Spring!

Show season is getting into full swing, so what better time to purchase yourself a new show shirt? I choose Le Fash for Andrea's new look! Spring also means more sunlight and longer days. Not only can the sun's rays bleach my beautiful bay coat, but it can wreck havoc on your thin human skin. Andrea is obsessed with keeping her face wrinkle-free (not sure why, she has about 10 other things she should be more concerned with), and what better way to protect her face than this helmet visor from Equivisor.  Since Andrea is protecting her forehead from wrinkles, I want to too! Besides, I am the face behind this operation! Check out my Pony Glam custom Bonnett below! Lastly, Swoon Boutique sent us this adorable horsie ring below. It looks like those trendy two-finger rings that are all over the place, but really is just for one finger-which makes it way easier to wear!


Le Fash Tuxedo Shirt

I have been dying for Andrea to break out her Le Fash show shirt. I even have been really good at home, putting up with all her riding mistakes, just so she would take me to a show and wear it! You may remember that I interviewed Le Fash owner and founder, Arianna Vastino, last year about her fashion forward riding shirts. Arianna personally emailed with me until we decided on the perfect first shirt for Andrea to tryout: the Tuxedo Shirt. The Tuxedo Shirt has Egyptian white cotton strategically placed in those areas visible under a hunt coat. Black Bamboo knit panels and sleeves make up the rest of the shirt, giving your rider complete mobility and a sleek, tailored silhouette.  The look is traditional enough for the show ring, but modern enough to be worn with black pants and heels for a girls' night out on the town. Andrea's favorite parts: the magnetic collar and gold buttons.  The shirt is defintely worth the splurge! In fact, Andrea just pre-ordered a Le Fash Polo! 

Click here for Le Fash Facebook!

  Please tell them Pony Glam sent you!!!!


Equivisor in Straw Natural

A friend picked up Andrea this Equisvor from a mobile tack store at the WEF showgrounds. Like I mentioned above, she is obsessed with protecting her face and eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Andrea had been looking for a helmet visor that would actually stay on her helmet while she was riding.  The last visor continued to fly off and hit my romp on the way down (rude!). So far, this one has only flown off one time and it was incredibly windy that day. Andrea even jumps me in it without any problems. Admittedly, everyone does make fun of us when she is riding, but it is a small price to pay for beautiful skin! The Equivisor can be worn off your helmet too. It comes in all kinds of colors - even leopard print! Pictured is the Straw Natural.


Subtle rhinestones!


Andrea isn't the only one that gets to protect her forehead from the elements! The Country Saddler made me this beautiful, hand-made Pony Glam bonnett to protect my ears from flies, bugs and loud, rude noises. Really we all know it is just a fun fashion statement. I wear it to all my jumper shows and everyone asks about it. It has the perfect about of rhinestones on the border and the Pony Glam patch really pops against the black. Email us at for more info!


Swoon Boutique is a local North Carolina boutique that sells human clothing and jewlery. These clothes you definitely do not want to wear around the barn...they are way too cute for that! How adorbs is this horse ring that Andrea recieved? The horse could stand to eat a few more bales of hay, but nonetheless it sure is trendy. Visit their Facebook page to check out their stuff! 

Click here for Swoon Boutique!

  Please tell them Pony Glam sent you!!!!


Nerds! I do love this shirt though!


Fits snugly on your helmet!