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Charlotte North Carolina

Chloe's Chatter

Everyone Loves a Good Field Trip!

Andrea Wise

Me, wondering why this is fun for the humans.
This New Year's Resolution thing has been a breeze so far!! I am checking things off my list left and right! Recently some of us got trailered to WNAAA for a little cross country "fun"! These humans are so weird! What could possibly be fun about running around a perfectly good grassy field and jumping solid obstacles? Don't they know that monsters lurk around every corner? Good news is that I got to work those butt muscles that I told you about in my previous blog post. Bad news is that Andrea did not share my enthusiasm for crow hopping and prancing. She is beyond boring!

WNAAA is in Monroe, NC, and is the strangest place I have ever been. It is a large equestrian facility, around 125 acres, with stables, a covered arena, jumper arena, dressage ring, schooling areas,  5 level cross country course and various trail areas.   So what is so strange about that, you ask? Umm, how about the roaming zebras (poor things, stripes are sooo last season), camels, ostriches, emus, donkeys, kangaroos, goats, reptiles and many other odd creatures! My senses almost exploded as soon as I got off the trailer! In fairness, all these animals are part of a petting zoo on the premises, but who can really trust fences? I am pretty sure the camel could have stepped over the fence and swallowed me whole.

Despite the camels and such, the humans seemed to have a blast. Everyone warmed up by trotting around the permieter of one of the cross country courses. This path took us through the woods, over hills and over small ditches. My sometimes-friend Max was so excited about his first time doing cross country schooling that he had to go off on his own and canter about 50 laps. It was an innocent, yet novice, mistake on his part.  After warming up, we spent about 2 hours jumping various obstacles that you don't see every day at your own barn. There were log jumps, banks, drops, ditches, coffins and much more.
Me, looking fab, but remaining on full alert for monsters.

In summary, even though I would much rather spend my Sundays basking in the sun in my grassy field dreaming about being a broodmare, nothing beats the monotomy of the arena like a good field trip with friends!

For more information and pictures about WNAAA please visit the website at: WNAAA!! WNAAA is also home to the local CHSC shows!