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Charlotte North Carolina

Chloe's Chatter

"So much to do, so little done, such things to be"

Andrea Wise

That's IT? A measly stocking??
Happy New Year Friends! I hope everyone had a better Christmas than I did! I have asked for a chandelier in my stall now for 3 years...THREE years and NOTHING! How can I put on my colored SWAT with this measly light bulb? It's bad enough that I don't have any hands...also something that I have asked for repeatedly! I am supposed to be discussing New Year's resolutions. Wow thanks, Andrea, for such a unique blog topic for a January post. So without further adieu here are a few of MY New Year's Resolutions, which I believe should be adopted by everyone!!

I love my Dr. Lisa! 
Treat Yo-Self!     Being awesome 24-7 can be pretty exhausting work! I am constantly trying to come up with new ways to challenge the humans, all the while looking effortlessly fabulous! So therefore this year I resolve to treat myself more often to the finer things in life because DUH, I deserve it! First on my list is scheduling more equine chiropractic sessions with Dr. Lisa! Nothing makes me feel better than a few cracks and pops! Granted I don't have my own money supply (yet), but have no fear! I just need to start acting out while Andrea is riding me. Works every time! So let those bucks fly my friends and treat yo-self to a massage, a facial, or a chiro session this new year!
In my NC area and looking for an equine chiro: Dr. Lisa Busko Website! (Also scroll down for my July Blog Entry)
UTAH area and looking for a great equine massage: Lisa Rask Massage Services

Miles of Sand Covered Trails and Jumps!
Get Your Sexy Back: Lose Those Holiday Pounds! I have successfully batted my eyelashes at every stall passerby this year, and as a result have indulged in an endless supply of carrots, cookies, apples, hamburgers, potato chips, sweet tarts and flakes of hay. I turn 13 this year and my girth is not what it used to be, if you know what I mean. I need to trick the humans into thinking I really like Hunter Pacing. Hunter Pacing, especially at The Walthour Moss Foundation in that deep Southern Pines sand, is a great way to build those butt muscles! You also are guaranteed to get away with at least one "spook" there because of all of the deer and wildlife! Spooking + Jumping over solid fences = Sign me up!! 
Interested in where I go? Look at their Facebook Page at: The Walthour Moss Foundation
Sinna, if you are reading this, you might want to consider lunging yourself because no amount of trail riding is going to help that crusty neck!

Boysenberry and Blue Black TS Breeches!
Always Be Well Turned Out!   With all my PG Gear, and the whole never rolling thing, this one is easy for ME.  However, my human is another story and unfortunately for you guys, she is in nearly half of all my pictures! Just because you are at the barn all day does not mean you have to dress like it is cow barn! Hello?! You don't see me standing around my field in a Target blanket? Taking an extra few minutes each day to give yourself a once over won't just get silent "thank-yous" from your friends, but it will make YOU feel better about yourself and the day ahead!   While recently Googling myself I came across the cutest pair of deep purplish  (technical color is Boysenberry) Tailored Sportsman breeches on Shop Dapple Gray! Shop DG has THE fiercest human items! If you haven't stopped by their page you should just stay in 2012! Shop DG!!! 

Learn Something New!   Once I jumped the oxer jump AND the cantering pole all in one stride! That was amusing and you should have seen the looks on their faces! This year get inspired and learn something new! Not only does it exercise your brain but it will also impress your friends. I am looking for some cool new tricks to learn so please message me at I promise I will give them a try and upload any resulting videos!

Posh Purple!
Pony Glam 4eva!   Admittedly, Pony Glam has been a blast! I get to wear sparkly things, have my picture taken, write blog articles, text with Casallo and lip curl to all my fans. What more can a girl ask for? Hmm, maybe a chandelier in my stall? ... In 2013 I want to help Andrea get Pony Glam into more tack stores, more press articles and get more fabulous Pony Paparazzi pictures! Hoof Hi-Lites will always be our premiere product, and an additional color is in our pipeline of ideas, do not worry! Be on the lookout for new LONG SLEEVE Show Pony t-shirts in NEW colors and in GIRLS sizes!!! 
Chloe modeling her PG Polos,
with her fav minion!

If you want to get more involved in helping PG take over the world, please message us!!! PG is where it is today because of ALL of our Facebook fans! We ♥ you guys! 

Andrea and Chloe