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Charlotte North Carolina

Chloe's Chatter

Baker Breeches (no muffins included) and Custom Goods from The Country Saddler

Andrea Wise

Front Pocket Baker Accent Patches
I've done it!! I have successfully managed to steal AC's credit card and order Andrea some proper schooling breeches. Bonus: I am keeping true to one of my New Year's Resolutions!! I was browsing some of the pictures on SmartkPak and I thought these Baker Elite Breeches would be a good start in sprucing Andrea up a bit at the barn. These suckers came in and they were true to their word: fashion forward with wonderful little accent patches of the original and eye-catching Baker plaid.  Now she can match me when I am looking lovely in my Baker blankets! The fabric is different than your normal breeches.  It combines Coolmax, Microfiber and Lycra, which aid in giving the breeches durability, stretch and added comfort.  Dirt also wipes off pretty easily - I tested this out by wiping my snot across her butt... a few times.  The breeches are also front zip, with double snap enclosures, something Andrea was excited about. She said it decreased "muffin top exposure", whatever that means...I spent 5 minutes looking for muffins to no avail. I love blueberry muffins!!
We both have Ombre pony tails!

She also was gushing over the wide belt loops and the back pockets with the Baker patch details. These breeches also have a stretchy sock bottom giving them zero bulky material around your calves, which means they EASILY fit under your chaps. I mean I really out did myself this time people!!!!

The breeches come in multiple colors (pictured: Charcoal). I ordered Andrea her normal size and she thought they fit perfectly, maybe a tad snug at first in the waist but after a few minutes it seemed to give and stretch.  I posted some close up pictures below so you can see the accent details on the front pockets and back pockets! The more pockets, the better possibility for treats!

PG Chaps by Journeyman
(sold exclusively by The Country Saddler)
You may have seen an earlier post about our PG Chaps by Journeymen sold exclusively by The Country Saddler. These babies fit like a glove. Janet  at TCS is a master with the measuring tape. She also does the most amazing George Morris impersonation, which I guess is okay to do without fear of a lightning bolt striking you down if you are his friend like she is!  But anyway, Andrea says the chaps are so soft and supple, they just mold to your leg and you never want to take them off! Note: This is bad news if you are a horse because it increases your chances of being taken out for a "quick ride". I don't know much about chaps, but I do know that Andrea gets compliments ALL THE TIME when she has them on. It is actually kind of annoying now that I think about it...

If you are in the market for new half or full chaps, or any leather repair or creation for that matter, and are in the NC/SC vicinity, make sure to think about The Country Saddler. They are super easy to work with and Wayne is truly amazing at what he does!

As far as the breeches, I think they were a good buy. I am not sure how I feel about the other colors though - I think Charcoal was definitely the best one! Smartpak has them on sale right now so if you need some Breeches, follow the link above!

If your Baker product does not
have this patch, it is not real!

 Photo Recap:
 Breeches: Baker Elite, purchased from SmartPak
 Chaps: Custom, purchased from The Country Saddler
 Long Sleeve Shirt: J. Crew
 Bracelets: Pony Glam!
 SunGlasses: Dior
 Horse Model: Chloe, duh!
 Photographer: Kendall Holroyd

Baker Elite Breeches and Custom Chaps
from The Country Saddler

Front Baker Accents;
Inner Waistband and Pockets!