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Charlotte North Carolina

Chloe's Chatter

Get your spook on! Happy Happy Halloween!

Andrea Wise

“Never put your faith in a Prince. 
When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch.” 

Once again that time of year where all the fillies find an excuse to dress up like broodmares has come and gone! Andrea was supposed to find me the most perfect outfit this year, something to accentuate my long dancers legs, but instead she waited until 5 minutes before this blog post and put this lame witch hat on me. I guess because it has sparkles I am supposed to feel better? To make matters worse, the witch hat and cape are not even hers...I heard her ask my Aunt Lexi, "Do you have a witch hat I could borrow for Chloe's blog picture". To which Lexi disturbingly replied, "Yea, I actually have one in my truck". WHAT in the world? What is wrong with these humans? And they think I am weird when I rip my blankets off the stall wall and stomp on them... I said I wanted wallpaper people! Not last season's SmartPak blankets on my wall!

But anywayyyys, thanks fans for sending in your Halloween Costume Pictures. I am really sorry your owners put you through these things. Perhaps I should be thankful that I only have to suffer through wearing this 1990's witch hat? Oh well, I am going to go spook at something...till next time Show Ponies!  xoxo- Chloe

 A Horse Fly and Bronco Fly Spray! Love it!
Dr. Seuss and Things 1 and 2!
Obviously a PG favorite!

Captain Jack Sparrow and a Horsie Pirate

The Wicked Witch  and Glinda from Wizard of OZ
PBJ Sandwich!
Hula Gals

Zebra and Safari Scout!

Love the sparkles!
Beach girls!
Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty