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Chloe's Chatter

"When it comes to luck , you make your own"

Andrea Wise

You may remember that in my interview last week with Erin McGuire I asked her what sort of superstitious habits she partakes in before the big shows (see below if you missed this award-winning journalism).  Erin answered with some sort of mumbo-jumbo about not believing in luck, but believing in not believing in luck??? Yeah, I know, it sounds like something I imagine Kristen Stewart would say... Lucky (excuse the pun) for Erin, I really like looking at Casallo so I didn't start having one of my "she needs depo episodes" right then and there.

My silly human, Andrea, will tell you that she "agrees with Erin", that she believes luck is something you create for yourself, through hard work and unwavering dedication. She will spat off some sort of Oprah-like quote that says "luck is the meeting of preparation and opportunity". Interesting, especially since she purposely wears the same necklace at every show...or that when she was little she would carry a 4-leaf clover in her jacket pocket! These silly humans! Luck had nothing to do with me being good at my first Jumper show! I was tired and hungry! I wasn't born yesterday, I knew that the faster I was my naturally awesome self, the faster I could get home, showered, fed and out in the pasture with my newest BFF, Paladin. I am pretty sure that Jennifer Zeuner Horizontal Cross Necklace (which is SO three years ago I might add) had nothing to do with me winning!

Anyway, I digress... It turns out Andrea is not alone. When I asked some other high profile PG users about whether they had any superstitious habits for the big shows and Indoors, this is what I found out:

Lillie Keenan (Junior Rider and Equitation Queen): She has a special sweater that she dons throughout the Indoor season for good luck! Her favorite Hoof Hi-Lites are: Sassy Silver for her Hunters and Bella Blue for her Jumpers!
Maddie Schaefer (Pony Princess):  She carries good luck charms in her show coat pocket!
Kaitlin and O.C.
Kaitlin Porath (TOP Amateur Owner): She wears a lucky show coat. This coat is so lucky that she has been wearing it since her Medium Pony days and only brings it out for the big shows and Indoors!! Her favorite Hoof Hi-Lites: Sassy Silver!
Elizabeth Devor (Amateur Owner Star): Liz doesn't have any superstitions per se, unless you count making sure everything is very, very, very clean! Her favorite Hoof Hi-Lites is Gimme Gold!

I don't care what Chloe has to say about luck, I am still wishing Erin and all of my PG friends GOOD LUCK this Indoor season!! Thanks again for your continued support of Pony Glam. You girls rock! xoxo-Andrea