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Charlotte North Carolina

Chloe's Chatter

Help... Chloe has ants in her pants :)

Andrea Wise

Friends! Please help!! This past week or so I have been sabotaged by ants!! Andrea thinks it is all the rainy weather we have had in NC lately, but I think it may be Chase trying to take over as the permanent face of Pony Glam! My beautiful dancers legs are swollen and scabby from the bites! I cannot go out in public like this - I even missed NY Fashion Week! Please help me!!!!!

Anyone have any suggestions for not only preventing these ant infestations but also treating Chloe?? We have been spraying the fields and paddocks but those suckers just keep coming back! We have never had ants like this! I think Chloe may be in the home stretch because the bumps from the bites are coming to the surface and scabbing but it has not been a fun process for anyone at the barn, Chloe included! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! xoxo Andrea