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Charlotte North Carolina

Chloe's Chatter

And the Fall 2012 PG Spokespony is...

Andrea Wise

So I guess Chase is cute, for a pony. He has the dark and handsome part down. Just a little short for my taste..especially when I am wearing my Gucci heels. I really hope he is ready for all the fanfare he is going to receive this Fall, when he takes over my role as the Pony Glam spokeshorse! At least it will keep the Pony Paparazzi off my tail for a few months! Enjoy your new role Chase...and don't get too comfortable! I will be back!!!! - Chloe

CONGRATS to Chase and his owner/rider, Ellie. Pony Glam is really excited to send Chase Hoof Hi-Lites so that he can not only represent our brand in and out of the show ring, but also keep his hooves healthy and fabulous. Did we mention that Chase has the cutest white heart on his rump? He was destined to be a PG model! 

Thanks to all the entries and PG support! It means the world to us! All the FINALISTS will receive a can of Hoof Hi-Lites of their choice!  xoxoPG