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Charlotte North Carolina

Chloe's Chatter

Chloe's First Jumper Show!

Andrea Wise

Hi friends!!! As you may know, Andrea finally let me be a Jumper a few weeks ago. I mean, how many years of tail swishing does a horse have to do before these humans get it? Of course I still like to swish a tail now and then, but it is generally right into Andrea's eye when she is walking by me and AC is not looking. So far, I have to admit, I really like being a Jumper. Things happen so fast in the arena that Andrea does not have time to agonize about the course and that means that I can just take over the find all my own spots. Phew because that girl can take you to the very base of a 3'3" foot oxer like no other!

You may have read in People Magazine that over the weekend they took me to my first Jumper show. It was Andrea's too and she kept saying she had to "vomit". I am not sure what that means but I could tell she really wanted to lay down in her stall and not eat her hay. In a rare act of kindness I decided that I should try to act calm and cool, so as to not really have her lose her mind. After all, I needed her to be somewhat aware of what was going on since I had yet to step into the arena, there were some pretty strange obstacles in there and on top of it all I could smell a lot of weird animals nearby! AC put me on the longe-line and I yawned and barely moved in the circle.  That seemed to calm Andrea down.

I was in the first class before I knew what hit me. I kept hearing AC remind Andrea that it was our "warm up" class, so I figured I better keep everyone on their toes and do the fan favorite "Stop At The First Jump". There were way more horses and spectators than I thought there would be, so I wanted to be memorable. My stopping is few and far between, so I like to make it really dramatic when I do it. I saw the first jump about 10 strides away and decided to start stopping then. Andrea growled and kicked me really hard, but she is no match for me! On the second time to the jump I cleared it and did the rest of the warm up class really well on purpose as I didn't want AC too mad at me.

Well horse friends, I learned my lesson with that stopping business! In my next class, I tried that same move again and these little spiky things nailed me in the sides! If that were not bad and embarrassing enough, something whacked me on the rump! Didn't they know that my new boyfriend, Josh, who I met at the ingate was watching?! They didn't need to tell me twice! I jumped the next 50 fences clear, fast and did every turn I was asked to on a dime!  Of course I made sure to jump most of the obstacles as big and round as possible. It is a good trick to do because you can't get in trouble for it and sometimes, if you are lucky, you can unseat your rider.

All in all, I really like being a Jumper. I got to wear fancy fleece and leather boots which make my lean dancer's legs look even more shapely. In Jumpers you get to go fast and no one cares if you want to throw a head shake in there. The classes are over in the morning and you don't have to stand around all day watching the little ponies do drive bys, although that is kind of fun sometimes. I didn't have to get my dang mane pulled before the show. I got to wear Bella Blue Hoof Hi-Lites, which got noticed by some cute boys, including Josh. That reminds me, did you know that I am the inspiration behind Hoof Hi-Lites and Pony Glam? ...

Thanks to AC Jones and First Call Farm for preparing me above and beyond for our first show in over 3 yrs and our first ever Jumper show! Also, you were right and I should have listened to you before the warm up class when you TOLD me to put on spurs!!! Oopsie!

I am so proud of Chloe. I wish I had pictures and videos so that you all could see what a rock star she was! It has been a long 3 years, but well worth all the tears and setbacks! The best part is that she really, truly, loved every second of being in the arena... and Chloe only loves potato chips (which she was too tired to even eat after the show)!  My favorite part had to be trotting out of the ring after the Jump Offs, on the buckle, Chloe's head long and low, and hearing people from the sidelines say "what a lovely Hunter she would also make". 

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