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Charlotte North Carolina

The PG Story

Andrea Bio.jpg

Andrea grew up riding naughty ponies in Northern Virginia, where she spent nearly every weekend at a horse show from age 8 through age 15. Her parents still do not have furniture in their house because of it! During high school Andrea stopped riding and it was not until she completed law school some 10 years later that Andrea got back on a horse. Naturally, it was not long before she convinced her husband that she needed her own horse and soon the infamous Chloe was part of the family!

Andrea resides in Charlotte, NC, with her husband, Zach, and cat, Alfie. She is a graduate of Virginia Tech (2004) and Wake Forest School of Law (2007). 

Pony Glam

Whatever you do, do not tell Chloe, but she really was the inspiration for Pony Glam.  It was a summer day and I was tacking Chloe up for a quick ride. I distinctly remember she had her purple saddle pad and matching purple polos on. As is common, she was being a particular diva that day. I bent down to clean out her front hoof so that I could apply her traditional hoof dressing when she bit me right on my butt! She didn't just bite, she grabbed my jean pockets and lifted me about 2 inches off the ground! For whatever reason, my first thought was that perhaps Miss Priss wanted purple hoof dressing to match the rest of her ensemble.  A few weeks later, Posh Purple Hoof Hi-Lites was born! 

I wanted Pony Glam to be fun, sassy and unique. I was really motivated to get kids (and adults) excited about hoof care.  I never imagined, however, that Hoof Hi-Lites would be used at the top national USEF hunter-jumper shows. Sassy Silver and Gimme Gold were at the Capital Challenge and Washington International Horse Show being showcased on some of the top ponies and horses in the nation within mere months of Pony Glam's inception. 

Pony Glam has quickly caught on locally and continues to grow in its fan base and clientele, with multiple shipments to the West Coast and even Canada. The Pony Glam T-shirts have been spotted at Pony Finals, Indoors and WEF.  Pony Glam has really surpassed my wildest expectations! Even Chloe gets recognized at her local shows, which goes straight to her head! It truly is amazing what fabulous fans Pony Glam has!


"They say I am the inspiration behind Pony Glam. I enjoy being awesome. I am pretty and I don’t apologize for it. I jump over puddles and my own poop, so what? I have never, ever rolled. I am more of a watcher than a doer. I always have at least 3 boyfriends at one time. I am thinking about starting Horse Glam once I save up enough carrots."

Chloe is a 13 year old, beautiful bay diva originally from Ohio. Her father is Artful Move, a NSBA Hall of Fame Inductee, so it is safe to say that Chloe was bred to be a Hunter Under Saddle star. Anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes around Chloe knows that there is no way she would canter around an arena with her head that low, unless it was in preparation for a crow hop! After many trials and tribulations (and therapy sessions for Andrea), you can now spot Chloe displaying her athletic prowess in the Jumper ring. Chloe's favorite Hoof Hi-Lite color is Posh Purple and her favorite treats are potato chips. Chloe calls home First Call Farm, owned by Anne Carter "AC" Jones in Davidson, North Carolina.